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“Wing Chun – Ip Man”


This simple line from Donnie Yen as he portrays the great Wing Chun Grandmaster in the series of movies about him for me says it all. The words with the stance show the essence of wing chun kung fu. Simple, understated, nothing flashy, showy or unnecessary yet here I am switched on ready to go. There is so much written and published about Ip Man (Yip Man) that I thought I would start my own tribute page and gather some of the info from the internet here. Please feel fre to make some comment if you want to  but please remember this page is about respect for Yip Man – whatever your beliefs or ideas his legacy is clearly remarkable.

This first clip is from You tube by Samuel Kwok via Yip Man’s sons  Ip Chun and Ip Ching and shows amazingly clear footage of the forms


YouTube Preview Image


An interesting article on the modern “Father” of  Wing Chun Kung Fu

Check out this article from black belt magazine talking about the start of Ip Man’s teaching Wing Chun in Hong Kong especially  to the recognised 4 “closed door”students

  • Leung Sheung
  • Lok Yu
  • Sigung Chu Shong Tin (my grandmaster)
  • Wong Shong Leung
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