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Australian Wing Chun Federation


The Australian Wing Chun Federation was conceived to unite Australian Wing Chun schools in the preservation of the authenticity and skills of Wing Chun within Australia. (specifically but not limited to the lineage of Chu Shong Tin 徐尚田 and Jim Fung 馮傳強)The AWCF represents an accessible body of knowledge mutually created by its members, for its members.The primary purpose of the AWCF is to assist the members to preserve and develop the beautiful art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.
 The AWCF is not a Wing Chun school, nor does it claim any authority over any existing lineages, schools and/or instructors (including the member’s schools).
(excerpt from Australian Wing Chun Federation homepage)


Fellow Federation Members:

Wing Chun Inc.   Derek Evans

Wing Chun For Life  Richard Antonini

Chi Sau Club Mark Spence


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